Friday, 16 February 2018

Levitra for impotence treatment

Erectile dysfunction is often laughed about in social circles. It is often mocked as a condition where a man loses his ‘manhood’. These talks discourage an actual patient of erectile dysfunction to come forward and talk about the problems he’s facing and how life can be better. Erectile dysfunction is usually the result of other medical ailments pertaining to the heart and the neural system of the body. Once a person has difficulty in getting an erection, he subconsciously carries on the nervousness or low self esteem emotions to his next encounter with his partner. Nervousness or low self esteem can worsen the situation even more for a person. The frequency of having difficulty in getting an erection increases and this makes the condition even more severe. 

Erectile dysfunction can be defined as the difficulty in gaining or maintaining an erection firm enough for erection. This is due to the lack in accumulated blood in the blood vessels in the muscles of the penis. This makes the organ limp and shrink, and makes its unable for intercourse. There are many medications that have been developed to help in the treatment of erectile dysfunction or impotence. One such pill is Levitra.


Levitra, an erectile dysfunction pill is the brand version of Vardenafil. Vardenafil is a PDE5 inhibitor and makes the person have a satisfactory erection. The PDE5 inhibitor makes cGMP (or cyclic GMP) stays in the muscle linings for a longer time and this makes the muscles smoother and more relaxed causing an inflow of blood to the blood vessels. The blood vessels swell up and this causes an erection. Levitra ED pill works usually after 30 minutes of ingestion. The effect of the medication usually lasts for around 5 hours and people have reported satisfactory results with their partners. 

Levitra is a FDA approved drug and was granted the approval in 2003. Levitra is an erectile dysfunction pill that has been fine tuned to suit the needs of the people and prevent medical emergencies. As a drug Levitra has the full potential to be abused. Symptoms of Levitra overdose are;
·         Pain in the jaw, back and arm, etc.
·         Blindness
·         Blurred vision
·         Chest pain
Being an ED pill, Levitra its main function is to provide adequately helpful treatment for erectile dysfunction.  This medication is not a maintenance medication; hence it is not necessary that one should take these pills every day. It is advisable to take the drug as and when required. Experts also press that there should be a 24 hour gap between the subsequent doses. The doses taken must be supervised and in proper doses in accordance to the doctor’s advice.

Side Effects

·         Flushing
·         Runny and stuffed nose
·         Muscular pain
·         Headache
·         Upset stomach
·         Dizziness
·         In some cases, people have an allergy of Vardenafil or likewise PDE5 inhibitors. In such cases one can see allergic reactions that should be immediately given medical assistance to prevent any further harm to the body.

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