Monday, 20 November 2017

Provigil online purchase: Get in the “zone” in 30 minutes.


How often has this happened to you? It’s a beautiful morning, leaves blowing, birds chirping, people going about to their regular workaday lives. Meanwhile you are on your way to your workplace, and you are not in a very exuberant mood, because you are still not fully awake. You are on your way to your floor in a lift and as the lift door opens, with the twisted threads of fate, none other than your Boss sees you yawning. One can probably imagine the rest. We all wish for a wakeup call in the morning that will keep us going for the whole day.  
We wouldnt want to be called Sleepy now, would we?

With advancements in our scientific world, medical science has come up with smart drugs that in fact “wake” us up and keep us active and awake for a long time. These drugs target the neurons of the brain that promote wakefulness and bring a sense of euphoria to the individual. Provigil is one such smart drug that has helped people all around the world. Let us see how Provigil (generic name: Modafinil) is the “wakeup call” we all wanted.

How does Provigil work?

Provigil works on the specific centers of the brain and works on the level of hormones. Let’s just keep it simple and focus on how things go about, rather than learning the long scientific names. Phew!

Provigil (or Modafinil) has it main mechanism with this neuropeptide called Orexin that is responsible for the wakefulness, arousal and appetite. What are neuropeptides? Well, just consider them as small entities that are responsible for how the neurons “talk” to each other. Provigil activates these neurons and this stimulates the release of other hormones like Dopamine and Norepinephrine.

When you take Provigil, it appears that it blocks the dopamine ‘transporters’ in the brain. These are molecules that act in order to remove dopamine from the synapses. Thus you increase the amount of dopamine available for action. Dopamine also likely increases as a result of increased wakefulness and activity in the brain – just as caffeine triggers a secondary increase in dopamine.

Another chemical compound is Histamine; an increase in this compound regulates the sleep-wake cycle more efficiently and gives us the push we need to wake up.

Norepinephrine is a compound similar to Adrenaline which also promotes wakefulness and elevates the heart-rate. Similar compounds like Serotonin are also increased.

Serotonin is basically a “feel good” chemical for regulating the mood. It is useful for memory and also for the creation of new neurons or Neurogenesis. Provigil turns on the entire chemical compound “switches” the brain needs to wake us up and turn us into our own versions of Usain Bolt, running in our lives for our dreams and goals.

It should be noted that all these action in the brain happen within minutes of taking a Provigil pill. Gradually the effects of these increased hormone levels can be felt; as wakefulness, increased focus and less fatigue.

Provigil is however a drug. And proper care should be taken to make sure Provigil is taken in the prescribed doses. Improper consumption of this drug can lead to dependency and later the individual can present withdrawal symptoms.

Best place to buy Provigil

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Provigil is a drug that promotes wakefulness and brings increased focus for a long period of time. No more yawning before your Boss, colleagues or your fellow classmates. People want things that show their effect quickly, who has the time to wait for hours for a pill to work anyway? A single Provigil pill taken orally in the morning can make you go through the day with instant effects.  Smart drugs like Provigil help us get in the ‘zone’ and make your day worthwhile.

Napoleon Hill once said, “Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it”. In this fast paced world, a person; you, me, your family and friends, even the neighbor you might hate, none of us can afford to be left behind. Smart Drugs like Provigil can bring us that added edge for us to perform and strive to our goals. 

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